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DRONTAL tbl. 2 (cats) a.u.v.

DRONTAL tbl. 2 (cats) a.u.v.
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Application form: tablets, capsules

Indication group: veterinary antiparasitic

Active substance: Pyranteli pamoas 230 mg, Praziquantelum 20 mg

minimum amount for dispatch: DRONTAL a.u.v. tbl 2 (cats) is veterinarian preparation for worming cats and kittens against flat and round worms. Praziquantel in combination with pyrantel is efficient against most of important flatworms in cats. Praziquantel has an effect against all of the stages of these parasites developing in the bowels of cats. Pyrantel has an effect against roundworms. The preparation can be used in healthy animals without consulting the veterinary.

EAN: 4007221013198

Manufacturer: KVP, Pharma- und Veterinärprodukte GmbH, Kiel, Germany, www.bayer.com

Summary of product characteristics

Information on a drug is available on the official website: Medicines.org.uk or EMEA : European Medicines Agency

DRONTAL a.u.v. 24tbl
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