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Dr.MICHAELS set cleansing gel 200ml + skin conditioner 200ml + ointment 50g

Dr.MICHAELS set cleansing gel 200ml + skin conditioner 200ml + ointment 50g


NameDr.MICHAELS set cleansing gel 200ml + skin conditioner 200ml + ointment 50g
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ManufacturerThe Psoriassis Skin Clinic, Melbourne, Australia,
DescriptionDr. Michaels set includes three products for the treatment of psoriasis. Dr. Michaels products are reputable and are outcomes of Dr. Michael Tirant's research activities. Dr. Michaels Cleansing Gel contains fruit acids, ascorbic acid and citric acid among other substances. These acids soften the skin, remove horny and dead upper layer of the skin, thus release and enable penetration of the ointment and its substances to the skin, so that its better effect is achieved. It is necessary to use the ointment as well as gel at the same time. Use twice daily, always before you apply the ointment and skin conditioner. Do not use if you have eczema on your face. Dr. Michaels Ointment for psoriasis contains natural essential oils, oxide zinc, plant oils and alkaline gels. The ointment eliminates itching, reduces drying and scaling of the skin. Apply morning and evening, after the use of the cleansing gel massage well into the treated area of the skin. On the head apply only on the areas with scabs. Dr. Michaels Skin Conditioner for psoriasis with natural essential oils prevents the treated skin from drying. Immediately after application of the ointment apply a thin layer of conditioner on the treated skin surface. By creating a protective layer the ointment effect is improved, it protects the skin against harmful influences from the environment. Contains vitamins A and E.

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