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DERMATIX Si Gel (SiGel) 15g


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DERMATIX  Si Gel  (SiGel)  15g
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Indication: Healing of scars.

Composition: Polysiloxane, silicon dioxide.

Description: Dermatix is a clear silicone product for treatment of scars, it promotes softening and smoothing of the scars, helps to fade red and dark scars and relieves itching and other unpleasant sensations felt around a scar. Dermatix is used for treatment of scars until complete healing when the surface is already solid. It is suitable for prevention of keloid and hypertrophic scars after usual surgeries, laser treatment, traumatic injuries and burns. Application: apply a very thin layer 2x daily to clean and dry skin, leave dry completely! Notice: do not apply to open and fresh wounds. Avoid contact with mucosas and eyes. Dermatix cannot be applied to skin treated with other products (other ointments).

EAN: 4019338601083

Manufacturer: Advanced Bio-Technologies, Inc., Suwanee, Georgia, U.S.A., www.advancedbiotech.com

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health-care devices
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