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CLOTRIMAZOL AL spray 30ml 1%

CLOTRIMAZOL AL spray 30ml 1%
medicinal preparation
NameCLOTRIMAZOL AL spray 30ml 1%
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Application formliquids for external use (solutions, sprays, emulsions)
Indication groupantimycotics
ManufacturerAliud Pharma GmbH and Co.KG, Laichingen, Germany,
Active substanceClotrimazolum 10 mg v 1 ml (1%)
minimum amount for dispatchCLOTRIMAZOL AL cream : clotrimazol is an imidazole derivate with a lethal effect on lower fungi intended for local use. It has an effect on pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic fungi of the strains Candida, Torulopsis, Trichophyton, Epidermophyton, Microsporum, Aspergillus, Nocardia and some other micromycets.
SUKLCLOTRIMAZOL AL SPRAY 1% spr 1x30ml 1% - 0065485

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medicinal preparation