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CHOLAGOL drops 10ml

CHOLAGOL drops 10ml
medicinal preparation
NameCHOLAGOL drops 10ml
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Application formdrops and solutions for internal use
Indication groupcholeretics, cholekinetics
ManufacturerTeva Czech Industries s.r.o., Opava, Czech Republic,
Active substanceCurcumae radicis pigmenta 0,0225 g, Magnesii salicylas 0,18 g, Menthae piperitae etheroleum 3,6 g, Eucalypti etheroleum 1,926 g, Frangulaemodinum 0,009 g v 10 ml
minimum amount for dispatchCholagol : The active substances of the preparation are mostly of vegetable origin. Most of them have a stimulating efect on production and secretion of bile. Besides that, Cholagol moderates the spasms of smooth muscles of biliary tracts, and it has an anti-inflammatory effect and also disinfection and slightly laxative effect.
SUKLCHOLAGOL por gtt sol 1x10ml - 0000699

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