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CELASKON blood orange tbl eff 10x 500 mg


Medicinal preparation

CELASKON blood orange tbl eff 10x 500 mg
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Application form: tablets, capsules

Indication group: vitamins

Active substance: Acidum ascorbicum 500 mg

Pregnancy and lactation: Temporary use of Celaskon in the period of pregnancy is suitable for insufficiency of ascorbic acid in increased demands of the organism. The ascorbic acid goes through the placental barrier and is secreted into the breast milk. High doses used during pregnancy may lead to increased needs or even manifestations of insufficiency in newborns.

minimum amount for dispatch: Celaskon : The preparation contains L-ascorbic acid, commonly indicated as C Vitamin. A person needs this vitamin most of all the vitamins (in the total consumption of vitamins - 80 % is represented by C vit). A human being is not able to produce this vitamin himself, and therefore he must to receive it from food. Various kinds of vegetables and fruit are rich in C vitamin, but losses of this vitamin often occur due to their cooking or storage. Increased consumption of the vitamin is especially in higher load of organism by unfavourable surrounding influences, e.g. the time of flu, cold, infectious diseases, stress, increased physical strain etc. Furthermore, smokers, people living in polluted environment and pregnant and breast-feeding women have increased consumption of C Vitamin. C vitamin is an important antioxidant, suppresses production of so-called free radicals, which harm the organism (they cause cancer and are responsible for ageing). C vitamin strengthens the immune system, and that is why it is so effective in prevention and in supportive therapy of numerous various infectious diseases. It is important for iron absorption and for good condition of connective tissues. It helps healing of wounds and burns, and it is recommended in increased gum bleeding. Its insufficiency is also manifested by increased fatigue.

EAN: 8584005016515

Manufacturer: Zentiva a.s., Hlohovec, Slovakia , www.sanofi-aventis.com, www.zentiva.com

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CELASKON 500 MG ČERVENÝ POMERANČ por tbl eff 10x500mg
C-VITAMIN PHARMAVIT tbl eff 10x 1000mg
medicinal preparation
CELASKON blood orange tbl eff 30x 500 mg
medicinal preparation
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