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CAPILLAN Hair activator 200ml

CAPILLAN Hair activator 200ml
NameCAPILLAN Hair activator 200ml
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ManufacturerIREL spol.s r.o., Miroslav, Czech Republic,
CompositionMyrrh Extract, Camomile Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate, Panthenol, Witch Hazel Extract.
DescriptionCAPILLAN Hair activator is a preparation intended for reconditioning hair and scalp. It has strong stimulating and restorative effects. The complex of the preparation active substances based on vitamins and other natural substances is responsible for the effective regenerating properties. A and E vitamins have a beneficial effect in regenerating processes and provide the scalp with elasticity and protection from undesirable effects of the surrounding environment, especially from the oxidative stress effect which is contributed for example with the earthbound ozone from city smog. Similarly, hair are then protected - are vital, elastic and shiny. This effect is supported by creatine complex, which contributes regeneration significantly by supplying the basic structural elements of hair and skin cells based on aminoacids. Soothing the irritated skin is reached with aid of the healing effect of panthenol in combination with chamomile extract. It works as means against undesirable skin microflora development at the same time, and thus it reduces dandruff s occurrence. This effect is raised by the effect of the witch hazel extract, where its constringent effect on the scalp applies asserts itself in addition, which leads to decreasing the amount of perspiration and sebum and prevents hair loss. The myrrh tincture provides hair and skin with a protective layer. This layer prevents penetration of harmful substances, and at the same time it conditions skin and hair, which means, in practice, easier combing out, decreasing hair electrification and easier hairstyle formation.

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