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CANESTEN GYN Combi Pack vag. tbl. 1 + drm. crm. 20 g


Medicinal preparation

CANESTEN GYN Combi Pack vag. tbl. 1 + drm. crm. 20 g
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Application form: vaginal preparations (suppositories, creams, tablets and powders)

Indication group: antimycotics

Active substance: 1 vaginální tableta obsahuje léčivou látku Clotrimazolum 500 mg; 20 g krému obsahuje léčivou látku Clotrimazolum 200 mg

minimum amount for dispatch: CANESTEN GYN - the vaginal tablet is indicated for treating the gynaecological inflammations caused by fungous microorganisms, yeasts and fungi especially of the Candida strain. Furthermore, it works against Trichomonas vaginalis, and also against the vaginal infections caused by gram-positive microbes, especially streptococci and staphylococci, and gram/negative microbes (Bacteroides, Gardnerella vaginalis). CANESTEN cream is broad-spectrum antimycotics intended only for external use. It works against a series of pathogenic fungous microorganisms including dermatophytes, yeasts and fungi. It has an effect against some kinds of bacteria. CANESTEN GYN - the vaginal tablet with the following symptoms of candidiasis: itching in the area of vagina and vulva, permanent burning of vagina and vulva, erythema, intumescence and poignancy of the vagina and vulva tissues, vaginal discharge (whitish, odourless). The preparation can be used, under the physician\\\'s recommendation, for recovery of the birth canal in the last 4 - 6 weeks of pregnancy. CANESTEN cream can be used by adults and children from the age of 2 for treatment of dermal and mucosal infections which are caused by yeasts, fungi and some bacteria. These infections may manifest themselves by reddening (erythema), itching, and sometimes by peeling of the skin, conceivably painful skin fissures may appear, especially on feet.

EAN: 8590322000977

Manufacturer: Bayer AG, Leverkusen, Germany, www.bayer.com

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CANESTEN Combi Pack vag.tbl.1+drm.crm.20g
CANESTEN cream 20g 1 %
medicinal preparation
ROSALGIN vaginal solution 10x 0.5g
medicinal preparation
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