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CANDIBENE CREAM 1x20gm/200mg


Medicinal preparation

CANDIBENE CREAM 1x20gm/200mg
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Application form: ointments, creams, gels, pastes

Indication group: antimycotics

Active substance: clotrimazolum 10 mg v 1 g

minimum amount for dispatch: An active substance of the product clotrimazole is an antimycotic for internal use. It inhibits growth of many pathogenic fungi including dermatophytes, yeast and mould. It has an effect on some kinds of bacteria. Candibene cream can be used by adults, adolescents and children over 2 years of age for treatment of infections of skin and nails that are caused by pathogenic fungi, yeast and mould, especially infections of feet and skinfolds. These infections may manifest themselves by reddening, itching, and sometimes by peeling of the skin accompanied by unpleasant smell, or painful skin fissures may appear, especially on feet. Diagnosis of such diseases will always be determined by a physician with whom you should consult suitability of using Candibene cream. Unless otherwise instructed by you physician, apply a thin layer of the cream to affected areas 2-3x daily. Before applying the cream on affected nails, do cut them short and make their surface rough first, so that the active substance could penetrate well to the infection focus. Do not use the product longer than 4 weeks unless you consult your doctor first.

EAN: 4030096460385

Manufacturer: Merckle/ratiopharm Gmbh, Blaubeuren, Germany

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CANDIBENE KRÉM crm 1x20gm/200mg
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medicinal preparation
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