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Application form: tablets, capsules

Indication group: mineral substances

Active substance: Calcii carbonas praecipitatus 600 mg, Cholecalciferolum 200 m.j., Magnesii oxidum 40 mg,Zinci oxidum 7,5 mg, Cupri oxidum 1 mg, Manganosi sulfas monohydricus 1,8 mg,Natrii tetraboras decahydricus 250 mikrogramů

minimum amount for dispatch: Caltrate Plus is the preparation containing calcium, D vitamin and other important minerals. Calcium is the most important component of the bone tissue, in which it builds during the whole life. It is essential for preservation of healthy and strong bones. It also helps in wound healing and supports the right function of nerves and muscles. A human body needs D vitamin for good absorption of calcium and its built in the bones. Magnesium is essential for metabolism of D vitamin and for the function of bones. Manganese plays an important role in forming bones and cartilages. Copper is necessary for keeping the connective tissue, skeleton and blood vessels healthy. Zinc is important for the right function and growth of tissues. Boron helps the organism in using calcium. Caltrate Plus does not contain sugar, lactose, preserving agents or salt.

EAN: 9120036093706

Manufacturer: Wyeth Lederle S.p.A., Aprilia, Italy, www.pfizer.com

CALTRATE PLUS por tbl flm 30 - 186538
CALCICHEW D3 chewing tbl 60
CALCICHEW D3 chewing tbl 60
5,10 €
standard price 7,30 €
medicinal preparation
MAXI-KALZ tbl eff  20x 500mg (0.5 g)
MAXI-KALZ tbl eff 20x 500mg (0.5 g)
2,50 €
standard price 2,80 €
medicinal preparation
Tbl. CALCII CARBONICI tbl  50 x 0.5 g
Tbl. CALCII CARBONICI tbl 50 x 0.5 g
3,10 €
standard price 3,30 €
medicinal preparation
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