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BlueCap cream 50g

BlueCap cream 50g
BlueCap cream 50g
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Composition: Zinc Pyrithion

Description: BlueCap cream is intended for daily skin hygiene with a tendency to various types of psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis and eczema. Due to its moisturizing effect, BlueCap cream is suitable especially in places where the skin is dry and chapped. It softens dry skin, relieves itching, removes dry scales, improves aesthetic appearance and brings a feeling of relief. Use: Apply 2 - 3 times a day to dry and rough areas of affected skin. Repeat as necessary until symptoms disappear, which should occur after 10-20 days of use. It is recommended to continue application for about a week after restoring the natural skin structure. The extent of the treated area is not limited.

EAN: 8470000693663 8470003209038

Manufacturer: Catalysis S.L., Madrid, Spain, www.catalysis.es

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Státní ústav pro kontrolu léčiv, Šrobárova 48, 100 41 Praha 10, www.sukl.cz

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