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BALNEUM HERMAL bath oil 500ml


Medicinal preparation

BALNEUM HERMAL bath oil 500ml
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Application form: liquids for external use (solutions, sprays, emulsions)

Indication group: dermatologics

Active substance: Sojae oleum 84,75 g ve 100 g

Pregnancy and lactation: It is possible to use it without restrictions during pregnancy and nursing (lactation).

minimum amount for dispatch: Balneum Hermal covers the skin with an oil film which serves as a temporary protective layer until the natural lipoid skin cover is renewed. Balneum Hermal decreases release of the physiological factors retaining water in the horny layer of the skin. It also reduces increased waiter evaporation in skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. Besides that it makes separation of skin scurf. Using Balneum Hermal is appropriate in patients in whom the skin is poor when it comes to lipoid substances and dry and slightly itching. The extra advantage is the pleasant way of renewal of the oily skin surface.

EAN: 4042762052862

Manufacturer: Hermal Kurt Herrmann, Hamburg, Germany, www.almirall.com

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BALNEUM HERMAL drm bal 1x500ml
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