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AVENT nipple CLASSIC (Anti-colic) variable flow 2pcs

AVENT nipple CLASSIC (Anti-colic) variable flow 2pcs
AVENT nipple CLASSIC (Anti-colic) variable flow 2pcs
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Age group: 3 months of age and older

Manufacturer: Avent, Suffolk, United Kingdom, www.avent.com

Description: AVENT nipple airflex variable flow : the silicone nipple Avent has a unique patented skirt which works like a non-return valve. The nipple allows for air to flow into the bottle during feeding, thus prevents a vacuum from being formed within the bottle. The baby does not have to release the nipple during feeding and can drink without interruption like when breastfed without swallowing air. A fizzy sound indicates that air flows into the bottle and not into your baby's stomach. Air swallowed during breastfeeding is the cause of cry because of painful colic or flatulence. A wide shape of the soft nipple makes baby to open his mouth wide and to literally suck at the nipple. He or she can start sucking and use the same tongue and gum movements as when breastfed. That is why it is easy to combine breastfeeding with feeding from a bottle with Avent. The nipple flow is regulated by turning the bottle in a baby's mouth. You achieve desired flow only by turning the bottle. The mark on the nipple opposite a baby's nose shows the current flow.

EAN: 5012909013055

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