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AURECON Ear drops 10ml

AURECON  Ear drops 10ml
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Composition: Olive oil, eucalyptus oil, camomile oil, lemon oil, tea plant oil and lavender oil.

Description: Aurecon ear drops reduce excessive production of ear wax, facilitating and increasing effect of ear cleaning, reducing adhesion of ear wax to the ear canal and preserving natural physiological condition of the ear. The olive oil is the basic substance to which all the other oil substances are added. Eucalyptus oil shows very effective antibacterial and calming down action in the case of upper respiratory tract infections and cold. The camomile oil regenerates, the citric and the tea plant oils are antiseptic. Lavender oil is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. Instruction for use: Tilt the head slightly to a side and drop 3-5 drops of Aurecon in. Hold the head in the tilted position for 5-6 minutes and then thoroughly cleanse the ear. Application once a week suffices, more frequent application being possible n the case of increased ear wax generation. If you experience any ear trouble, such as noises, pain, pressure, etc., do not underestimate them and see your doctor. Aurecon ear drops effectively hep prevent complications, ideally in combination with Aurecon ear candles. Note: Do not use in the case of ear disease or damage to the ear drum. Shake well before use!

EAN: 7640119230252

Manufacturer: Herb-Pharma AG Schweiz, Switzerland, www.f-cos.com

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