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APOTHEKE BIO Buckwheat tea 20x 1.5g

APOTHEKE BIO Buckwheat tea 20x 1.5g
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Form: tea bags – pre-portioned

Indication: The tea positively affects the vascular system and regulates blood circulation.

Composition: Buckwheat top (Herba fogopyri), black currant leaves (Folium ribis nigri), black elder flowers (Flos sambuci), lemon balm leaves (Folium melissae), stinging nettle top (Folium urticae).

Description: Apotheke Bio buckwheat tea is a herb extract for positive effect on the vascular system and blood circulation. Buckwheat is a rich source of rutin, positively affecting the vascular system / keeping the vessels flexible and firm. The herb further supports activity of the liver and the digestive tract. Recommended dosage: 2 cups per day

EAN: 8595178204487

Manufacturer: Mediate s.r.o., Libchavy, Czech Republic, www.apotheke.cz/welcome?lang=2

Státní ústav pro kontrolu léčiv, Šrobárova 48, 100 41 Praha 10, www.sukl.cz

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