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AMBROBENE 15mg/5ml syrup 100ml


Medicinal preparation

AMBROBENE 15mg/5ml syrup 100ml
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Application form: syrups and suspensions for internal use

Indication group: expectorants, mucolytics

Active substance: Ambroxoli hydrochloridum 15 mg v 5 ml

minimum amount for dispatch: Ambrobene is expectorant with a mucolytic effect, causes an increased production of phlegm and at the same time dilutes phlegm, facilitates the movement of cilia and thus cleans the airways mucosa and increases its resistance against infection. Ambrobene is indicated for the treatment of acute and chronic diseases of airways connected with difficult expectoration, for the treatment of infectious diseases of airways, and acute and chronic inflammation of paranasal sinuses. It is possible to administer Ambrobene both to children and adults.

EAN: 4030096456241

Manufacturer: Merckle/ratiopharm Gmbh, Blaubeuren, Germany

SUKL kód0094921

AMBROBENE 15 MG/5 ML por sir 1x100ml
ASPIRIN-C tbl eff 20
medicinal preparation
IBUPROFEN AL tbl  30x 400mg
medicinal preparation
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