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ALMIRAL gel 250g


Medicinal preparation

ALMIRAL gel 250g
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Application form: ointments, creams, gels, pastes

Indication group: nonsteroid antiphlogistics and antirheumatics

Active substance: Diclofenacum diethylammoniacum 11,6 mg, odpovídá Diclofenacum natricum 10 mg (1%) v 1 g

Pregnancy and lactation: ALMIRAL GEL should not be used in the last three months of pregnancy as it may harm your unborn baby or cause birth problems. ALMIRAL GEL may be used during the first six months of pregnancy after consulting your doctor, the dose should be as low as possible and the duration of treatment as short as possible. Since diclofenac passes into breast milk in small amounts, ALMIRAL GEL should be used during breast-feeding only after consulting your doctor. However, ALMIRAL GEL should not be applied to breastfeeding breasts or large areas of skin or for long periods of time.

minimum amount for dispatch: ALMIRAL gel belongs to the group of drugs which are indicated as non-steroid anti-inflammatory substances. It is intended for external use in treating pain, inflammation and oedema in a whole series of painful conditions affecting muscles and joints. ALMIRAL gel is white non-greasy gel in water foundation, which can be easily rubbed in the skin and gets absorbed very well. The preparation active substance is diclofenac, which penetrates, when used externally, through the skin into the subcutaneous tissues where it has an anti-inflammatory effect, reduces oedema formation and reduces pain.

Recommended dosage: For adults and adolescents from 14 years of age: Use ALMIRAL GEL 3 to 4 times a day at the pain site. Your doctor may advise you for longer treatment. If pain and swelling do not improve within 7 days or worsen, consult a doctor.

EAN: 5290931004849

Manufacturer: Medochemie Ltd., Limassol, Cyprus, www.medochemie.com

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