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ALLERGODIL nose spray 10ml

ALLERGODIL nose spray 10ml
medicinal preparation
NameALLERGODIL nose spray 10ml
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Application formnose preparations (drops, sprays, ointments, creams, gels)
Indication groupotorhinolaryngologicals
ManufacturerMedaPharma GmbH & Co.KG, Bad Homburg, Germany,
Active substanceAzelastini hydrochloridum 0,14 mg v 1 aplikační dávce (0,14 ml roztoku)
Pregnancy and lactationWith respect to insufficient proofs of administration safety, Allergodil nasal spray should not be administered to women in the first three months of pregnancy and during lactation.
minimum amount for dispatchALLERGODIL is used for symptomatic treatment of seasonal allergic cold (hay fever) and perennial allergic cold. Dosage: If it is not prescribed differently, 1 dose is sprayed in each nostril twice a day by squeezing the spray (it equates to 0.56 mg of azelastine hydrochloride a day).
SUKLALLERGODIL nas spr sol 1x10ml - 0021971

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ALLERGODIL nose spray 10mlALLERGODIL nose spray 10ml