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ALAVIS DUOFLEX for horses 387g

ALAVIS DUOFLEX for horses 387g
ALAVIS DUOFLEX for horses 387g
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Composition: Celadrin® is a patented substance that contains a cetyl derivative and a mixture of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, especially myristic acid, myristooleic acid and palmitic acid. Celadrin ™ combines two substances having anti-inflammatory effects that inhibit 5-lipooxigenase, an enzyme that supports oxidative and inflammatory processes. Inflammation is a source not only of pain, but also of free radicals, which make the condition worse. Celadrin helps to increase the utilization and absorption of the chondroprotective substance glucosamine sulfate, and thus leads to a better and more effective nutrition of articular cartilage.
Glucosamine sulfate is a natural component of articular cartilage and synovial fluid. It ensures the proper function of cartilage, its strength, flexibility and resilience. The mechanism of action is chondroprotective (cartilage protecting). The effect includes alleviating joint problems, improving mobility and slowing down to stop further joint damage.

Description : A modern veterinary medicinal product to support the normal functions of the musculoskeletal system in horses containing Celadrin. ALAVIS ™ Duoflex is intended for long-term administration in horses with movement problems. It is used for a wide range of movement problems, removes inflammation and pain and acts to regenerate articular cartilage. It is used especially in arthritis - an inflammatory process that takes place in the joints due to the breakdown of cartilage, systematically strengthens and moisturizes cell membranes and provides the cells with youthful suppleness and flexibility. It improves the quality of synovial fluid that protects the joints and thus maintains their flexibility and mobility - it acts as a joint lubricant.

Recommended dosage: For horses weighing 500 kg 3 scoops daily. Method of use: The powder is administered daily according to the recommended dosage in core feed or molasses. ALAVIS-Duoflex can be linked to ALAVIS-Celadrin for horses.

EAN: 6216294019503 8594191410202

Manufacturer: InovoBiologic Inc., Calgary, Canada, www.inovobiologic.com

ALAVIS MSM for horses and ponies powder 600g
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