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ACC 100 NEO tbl eff 20x 100mg

Medicinal preparation

ACC 100 NEO  tbl eff 20x 100mg
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Application form: tablets, capsules

Indication group: expectorants, mucolytics

Active substance: Acetylcysteinum 100 mg

minimum amount for dispatch: ACC tbl : the active substance Acetylcysteine dissolves all components that produce phlegm viscosity. This way, it supports expectoration and softens irritating cough. Additionally, Acetylcysteine has an antioxidant effect, supporting the defence mechanism of the body.

EAN: 4030855492633 4030855506187

Manufacturer: Salutas Pharma GmbH, Barleben, Germany, www.sandoz.com

SUKL názevACC 100 NEO 100MG TBL EFF 20
SUKL kód0162245

ACC 100 tbl eff 20x100mg
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