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SOLMUCOL syrup 180ml

SOLMUCOL syrup 180ml
medicinal preparation
NameSOLMUCOL syrup 180ml
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Application formsyrups and suspensions for internal use
Indication groupexpectorants, mucolytics
ManufacturerIBSA Institut Biochimique SA, Lugano, Switzerland,
Active substanceN-Acetylcysteinum 200 mg v 10 ml
minimum amount for dispatchSolmucol : The active substance Acetylcysteine dissolves all components that produce phlegm viscosity. Thus promotes expectoration and inhibits irritating cough. Additionally, Acetylcysteine has an antioxidant effect supporting the defence mechanism of the body.
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Information on a drug is available on the official website: or EMEA : European Medicines Agency
SUKLSOLMUCOL por plv sir 1x180ml - 0015202

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