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PINOSOL nose drops 10ml

PINOSOL nose drops 10ml
medicinal preparation
NamePINOSOL nose drops 10ml
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Application formnose preparations (drops, sprays, ointments, creams, gels)
Indication groupotorhinolaryngologicals
ManufacturerZentiva a.s., Hlohovec, Slovakia ,,
Active substancePini etheroleum 0,3752 g, Menthae piperitae etheroleum 0,1000 g, Eucalypti etheroleum 0,0500 g, Thymolum 0,0032 g, Guaiazulenum 0,0020 g, Tocoferolum alfa acetas 0,1700 g v 10 g
Pregnancy and lactationThe preparation can be used without risk in pregnant women as well as breastfeeding mothers.
minimum amount for dispatchPINOSOL : A blend of essential oils and pure natural substances with an anti-microbial effect in plant oil. It improves circulation of blood in mucosa and regenerates its natural functions.
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Information on a drug is available on the official website: or EMEA : European Medicines Agency
SUKLPINOSOL nas gtt sol 1x10ml - 0099339

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