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OFTAGEL eye gel 10g

OFTAGEL eye gel 10g
medicinal preparation
NameOFTAGEL eye gel 10g
Price including VAT3,50 €
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Application formeye preparations (drops, ointments, gels)
Indication groupophtalmologicals
ManufacturerUrsapharm Arzneimittel GmbH, Saarbrücken, Germany,
Active substanceCarbomerum 974 P 2,5 mg v 1 g
minimum amount for dispatchOftagel : The preparation contains Carbomerum. By administration of this substance into the eye the properties of a protective film on the cornea surface are improved. The film stays on the cornea longer and it is moister. The effect of the preparation will subjectively manifest by relieving symptoms, e.g. soreness, tingling, irritation or foreign body eye sensation.
Summary of product characteristics SHOW SHOW
Information on a drug is available on the official website: or EMEA : European Medicines Agency
SUKLOFTAGEL oph gel 1x10gm/25mg - 0059511

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