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MAR PLUS nasal spray 20ml EXP. 06/2016

MAR PLUS nasal spray 20ml EXP. 06/2016


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NameMAR PLUS nasal spray 20ml EXP. 06/2016
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IndicationSupplementary therapy of cold, treatment of nasal mucous membrane.
ManufacturerMPC International S.A., Lucembourg, Luxembourg,
CompositionSea water 50 mg ,dexpanthenol 50 mg in 1 ml isotonic solution.
DescriptionMAR PLUS Nasal spray with sea water and dexpanthenol. It is intended for moisturizing and treating dry nasal mucous membrane and as a supplement in cold treatment. it is free of preserving agents. Apply 1 - 2 shots in each nostril once or several times a day as needed. It is suitable also for children and babies.

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MAR PLUS nasal spray 20ml EXP. 06/2016

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