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ALAVIS CELADRIN 500 for dogs and cats cps 60

ALAVIS CELADRIN 500 for dogs and cats cps 60
veterinary food supplements
NameALAVIS CELADRIN 500 for dogs and cats cps 60
Price including VAT15,80 €
VAT rate15 %
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Application formpowders and granulation products
ManufacturerInovoBiologic Inc., Calgary, Canada,
Active substance500 mg směsi Celadrin.
minimum amount for dispatchALAVIS CELADRIN for dogs and cats ensures lubrication (moisturizing) and protection of joint cartilages. Contains the substance called Celadrin that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. Use the products in dogs, cats and horses for relieving of pains in the back (vertebrogenic algic syndrome), joints, ligaments, after injuries and in stiff joints. Capsules are administered daily according to recommended dosing directly into a mouth or with a piece of food, or directly in food. Animals usually eat the product without any problems. Can be administrated also in a long term. Recommended dosage in dogs: weight of a dog 1–5kg: 1 capsule, 5–15kg: 2 capsules, 15–45kg: 3 capsules, over 45kg 4 capsules. Recommended dosage in cats: weight of a cat 1–5kg: 1 capsule, 5–10kg: 2 capsules.
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Information on a drug is available on the official website: or EMEA : European Medicines Agency

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